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    Storm Doors And Windows Are Important For Homeowners in Hobe Sound

    People all along the Florida coast know about tropical storms and hurricanes, especially in Hobe Sound. The wind and heavy flooding that occurs can hang around a region for extended lengths of time.

    The Power Of These Storms
    Types of damage can vary. A Category 1 hurricane can produce wind speeds up to 95 mph. Minimal roof damage and environmental destruction is a possibility.

    Cat 2 storms have sustained wind speeds up to 110 mph. Structural weakening with severe damage to the roof can occur from the strength of the storm. Residents should be cautioned about coasting flooding.

    Category 3 and 4 storms can cause major damage to homes in the threatened area. Sustained winds can reach top speeds of 156 mph. Damage to areas in the threat zone can become catastrophic due to the strength and length of the storm. Category 5 storms bring ultimate devastation to the affected area.

    Benefits Of Impact Windows And Doors

    Double pane laminated glass windows, also called impact windows, along with impact doors offer homeowners the ultimate protection during Florida hurricanes. These windows manufactured in many styles offer customers a wide variety of choices. Options can be picture or architectural design. Impact windows are available in casement, roller, single and patio glass sliding door options.

    Insurance discounts are available to qualified homeowners with proof of sale and installation. The costs of impact windows are wll worth having the superiority of impact windows. Florida building code requires entrances have protection from flying debris. This includes both window and door entrances during hurricane force winds.

    Having impact windows gives you peace of mind year round knowing that your home has more protection from intruders. Laminated glass holds together even when hit with an object, making it much more difficult for someone trying to break into a home. Windows use polyvinyl butyral (PVB) or ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) inside. These two plates of glass on the exterior give the windows extra security.

    Impact doors composed of polyurethane foam cores in the center with steel exteriors provide durability to high wind speeds. Wooden exteriors are used in the manufacturing for the exterior door-frame. Strong door-frames and hinges are an extra support that provides entrance security.

    All entrances into the home need impact windows and doors. Severe damage from hurricane force winds travel through the home from broken doors. That can cause destruction to walls and ceilings and roof loss. High winds can cause the roof to collapse or blown away. Increased severity and number of potential hurricanes vary from season to season. Every homeowner should consider purchasing impact windows and doors for safety, when you are ready to protect your home in Hobe Sound or anywhere in the state of Florida, please give us a call at 772-210-7424.

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